The girl with Crohn’s disease Blog #1 

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease about 6 years ago and due to a recent relapse decided to blog about my thoughts and feelings. 
After learning of my new treatment I decided I wanted to share my experience and see if there are any other Crohn’s sufferers that feel the same as me. 
I just wanted to get straight into my first blog, but I will be writing a introduction about me. My new treatment is medication which is given as an infusion. So you are given it through an IV, something I am not good with because obviously I have a fear of needles, you would think after having numerous blood tests and injections my fear would go away, far, far away but no, that would be too much to ask for. 

So anyways I go into hospital last week, day 1 for a blood test and the next day for the infusion. My first infusion took 2 hours and then I had to wait 2 more hours after with the IV still in my arm, may I add, it wasn’t very comfortable and I couldn’t really move my arm because it was sore 😦

So they have to give a steroid injection and piroteze (?) injection beforehand, the latter of which made me very drowsy and for me helped calm me wayyyyy down. 

My dad, bless him, is your typical dad who means well but doesn’t really know what to do, my mum is the expert and knows exactly how to distract me and when. So first he tries to distract me with the typical dad jokes, then giving me his phone to watch some funny video (it was not funny). Then he’s trying to joke with the nurses #embarrassing

So the day unit I’m in isn’t very big and there are big red comfy chairs on either side of the room for the patients to sit (everyone was there for different reasons and amounts of time). 

So obviously food is on mind and all I can think is how much I would love a McDonald’s but then the whole room would be able to smell the amazingness of it, you know the smell of McDonald’s fries? So decided to munch on some starburst and go on my phone instead.

Using your phone with one hand isn’t that easy and eventually you get fed up scrolling through Facebook. 

The uncomfortableness of the IV was quite prominent in my mind and for me going on phone or reading a book just wasn’t distracting me enough. 
So if anyone has any thoughts of what I could do next time please tell me. 

Finally the 2 hours passed, and I got told ‘good girl’ by the nurse because all the medication had gone in, I didn’t really understand how that was my doing because I had just sat on my ass for 2 hours but thanks for the compliment I’ll take it. 

Then I get told she’s going to leave the IV in my arm until they let me leave, so the next 2 hours weren’t any easier but eventually my stomach got the better of me and I send my dad out for McDonald’s, also I was the only person left 😂 

I’m due my next infusion in 2 weeks, so let’s hope next time the IV doesn’t feel as uncomfortable and restricting. 

I just want to say that I know there are people out there who are much worse than me, with Crohn’s and other illnesses and have to go through much worse treatments. 
This blog is a way for me to express my feelings, and for shed light on Crohn’s disease and maybe make you laugh a little bit. 

If you managed me read until the end, thank you and I hope I didn’t bore you 😀 (this is my first ever blog please don’t be too harsh on me) 



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